Drives one of the most modern
Welfare Modernization Platform in the US

Our Welfare management platform is currently being deployed in the State of Maryland. At peak capacity, our platform would serve thousands of case work and 6 million population.

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AI-Driven Case Management Platform
built for a Purpose

Our Case Management platforms are deployed in mission-critical Federal, commercial and non-profit institutions across the globe to solve complex problems to achieve one important purpose- To make a positive impact on human lives & make the world a better place.

Reimagining Case Management Platform

Tackle unstructured business scenarios, handle large scale government & public health programs. Redefining Health & Human Services through Cardinality’s low code AI platform.

Code Less, Solve More

From process management to advanced application development, helps streamline work with a single low-code customizable web platform that is HIPAA compliant.

Reimagine Automation helps you to fully automate & configure your workflow thereby giving the user high degrees of flexibility and freedom. This flexibility significantly shortens the learning curve & can be rolled out across the organization within weeks.

Agile, Data-Centric Platform

Build your dashboard, reports, insights, customized forms, hierarchy and data security rules in a flash of a second. Such agility & data-centered tendency improve your
time as well as ROI.

Reliability, Agility, Scale

Thousands of Caseworkers work hard day after day untiringly to improve our lives and make the world a better place.

At we have built an award-winning Health & Human Services platform to help the Caseworkers focus on their most important work-goal: To make a positive difference to the American lives.

Robust & Proven technology available in the market today. Adapts to any use cases for case management and produces operational and tangible results in weeks.
Intuitive & Visually rich AI-driven user interfaces enabling people to interact smoothly with data, ask insightful questions, and arrive at better decisions.
The necessary Back-end infrastructure for managing & integrating any kind of case workflow is in place thereby providing the necessary flexibility to manage any kind of use cases at a massive scale.

Case Management Solutions

Health & Human Services

Specializes in solving specific high impact problems in the government sector. It enables agencies, federal states to stay in trend with complex ever-evolving rules that drive large-scale government welfare schemes. The flexibility and comprehensiveness of Cardinality’s HHS platform …

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Human Capital Management Services

Right from cases that demand complex processing to flexible human capital management systems to tackle workers' compensation, background, etc. - does it all. gives multi-dimension visibility into your global workforce and great user experience, so you can keep your people engaged …

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