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About us

Using Technology to Impact Lives


Why we do what we do

Software upgrades have been an uphill task for Federal and State governments. Health and Human Services, in particular, have been hemmed in by clunky legacy software that take years to be implemented and adopted and result in millions of dollars in capex to the government.

Keeping in mind the critical and impactful work done by frontline workers in HHS, the Cardinality founding team created purpose-built cloud-agnostic solutions for agencies to provide critical services to vulnerable citizens. functions with the sole purpose of letting frontline workers and other stakeholders in welfare services know that they need not be tethered to their desks. By modernizing their workflows and empowering them with the right information at the right time, harnesses AI for good.

The company’s asset-light solutions offer easy-to-configure, low-code platforms that help the ecosystem of welfare service stakeholders access case information on the go, have data points at their fingertips, simplify complex workflows, and take informed decisions based on the most advanced AI and ML technologies.

Our mobile-first, scalable solutions for Health and Human Services have earned a coveted spot in GovTech 100 for 2020, a list by Government Technology recognizing leading IT players working with State and Federal governments.


Our founding story

The Cardinality founders had personally witnessed the sea change a well-designed welfare program has on vulnerable populations, children in particular. On further research, they came to also understand the many technological challenges welfare agencies faced and how they hindered the efficacy of even the best programs. was born when these serial entrepreneurs rolled up their sleeves and decided to challenge the necessity of antiquated enterprise software in welfare services. They combined their years of experience to offer state-of-the-art, consumerized AI solutions to the government. With the Cardinality team, they aim to continue delighting stakeholders in Health and Human Services with the latest technologies that help them efficiently assist citizens in need.

Our Core Values


Building trust with our approach

Reinvent the way you work

Configurable workflows, work on-the-go, data at your fingertips