Cardinality + Avigilon integration

Enhanced physical security with Avigilon

Cardinality can play a key part in your integrated security system by using the The Cardinality + Avigilon integration. This integration gives you the best of both worlds: It allows visitors to have the easy, welcoming experience of signing in on the iPad, while your security team reaps the full benefits of the Avigilon’s HD video surveillance and access control solutions.

When you connect your Avigilon account, Cardinality will send a record of every visitor who signs in on the iPad into the Avigilon event log. Cardinality will automatically create an identity in Avigilon for each new visitor. This integration allows you to utilize all of Avigilon’s features for your visitors, such as badge provisioning, security alerts and more.

  • red checkAdd every Cardinality visitor to your Avigilon event logs
  • red checkAutomatically provide the correct security credentials to every Cardinality visitor
  • red checkStop logging data into Avigilon manually
  • red checkReceptionists do not need Avigilon access—they’ll manage visitors within Cardinality


  • Cardinality account, Enterprise plan
  • Avigilon account
  • Avigilon admin privileges

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