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cardinality_img-06 Wins Indiana DCS Hackathon for Most Creative Solution

By Ellie Sams

Kevin Jones is no stranger to innovation. Under his leadership as CIO, the Indiana Department of Child Services (DCS) has embarked on two huge IT modernization efforts for both Child Support & Child Welfare.

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If you build it, will they come? Identifying the missing pieces in the vaccine distribution puzzle

By Annabell Lee

As abruptly as states were forced to deal with the arrival of COVID-19 last spring, once again they find themselves scrambling to form a plan for rapid vaccine distribution.

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National Adoption Month: How enhances permanency outcomes in child welfare

By Thiag Loganathan

Cardinality’s foster care module provides a complete digital approach for managing the lifecycle of foster parent engagement and the placement of vulnerable children in permanent caring homes.

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Using AI to improve foster care matching and adoption outcome in child welfare

By Thiag Loganathan & Kevin Jones

A few months ago, 8-year-old Nike Garza became one happy young boy. After spending nearly half of his life (1,553 days to be precise)

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Why Hunicorns are 'Monsters', but with a code

By Thiag Loganathan

In the second article in the series on hunicorns, I look at how going after a win-win strategy makes for a compelling leader,...

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Why you need a 'hunicorn' to successfully implement complex systems for government agencies

By Thiag Loganathan

Who is a hunicorn and why is it critical to find one for your company’s modernization efforts and complex system implementations? In the first article in a series on hunicorns, I delve into the traits required in a leader executing modern technology initiatives in Health and Human Services.

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Five skills hunicorns use to advocate digital transformation

By Thiag Loganathan

A look at the traits required in a hunicorn who is looking to win over decision-makers--some often with zero IT knowledge--for investments in tech upgrades.

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