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The State of Maryland Child, Juvenile, and Adult Management System (MD-CJAMS) is the state-wide case management system of record for Child Welfare, Adult Services, and the Department of Juvenile Services. CJAMS is one of the flagship projects driven by the Department of Human Services of the State of Maryland. Following an evaluation of various HHS platforms, DHS chose to build the platform using Cardinality.ai’s Human Services Platform.

Cardinality.ai built MD-CJAMS on a complete Open Source, Open Standards architecture- hosted in AWS. Cardinality.ai gives the state complete operational flexibility & ensures that the State of MD is not locked in either from a Vendor/ Platform. Cardinality’s highly Interoperable system provides critical data exchanges for health records, case information, educational information, and court information.

Cardinality.ai has also seamlessly migrated close to 12 million records from legacy systems such as CHESSIE and ASSIST in the last 4 months for departments such as Child, Juvenile and Adult Services for the State of Maryland .

At peak utilization, MD- CJAMS platform is used by around 5000 caseworkers in the state of Maryland & will process around $400 m of payments/annum.

Unlike other Platforms that are built for generic use, Cardinality.ai is purpose-built for Human services and hence the entire architecture is built around People. It also leverages modern technologies for improved productivity and service delivery such as:

  • Artificial Intelligence: - Saving State workers over 20% of time spent in assigning cases based on evidence-based risk scores cases as well as AI enabled case management, structured decision making, auto-populating task lists, collaborative work and much more
  • Automation + NLP - Automate redundant activities to Optimize User Experience, as well as efficient use of Natural Language Processing for rapid information capture
  • Machine Learning - Platform that learns about constituents, users, and cases over time to make intelligent and accurate decisions especially during child and adult placements.
  • Digital Foundation - Digitizes case information and provides easy cloud and omnichannel access
  • Conversational UI - Utilization of latest conversational UI, No-UI and material design to create a seamless human-centric experience
  • APIs, Microservices first and highly modular design - Easy integration with related systems to provide a full 360-degree case-view for real-time decisioning, as well as easy reusability and plug and play capabilities across internal and external systems.

The Solution we provided

  • An Open-source architecture with the flexibility and freedom for CJAMS to make changes to the source code according to their requirements without any external vendor dependencies
  • Our Mobile 1st approach helps the case & intake workers to make notes on the go and helps them experience the flexibility and freedom which they have never enjoyed before
  • Our 100% configurable, low code platform makes the transition for caseworkers who are moving from pen and paper to Digital intake, painless.