Cardinality + Cisco Meraki integration

Automatic Wi-Fi provisioning with Cisco Meraki

The Cardinality + Cisco Meraki integration allows you to easily provide Wi-Fi network access to your visitors. It securely provisions network access, so you no longer need to worry about unsecure guest networks or manually providing network credentials.

Upon sign-in, the visitor will receive an email or text message with the Wi-Fi network name, password and access instructions. When they open any browser, a customizable splash page will prompt them to enter the password they received.

  • red checkProvision unique Wi-Fi network and password information for each visitor
  • red checkChoose between email or text message to share credentials with visitors
  • red checkNo more insecure guest network policies


  • Cardinality account, Enterprise plan
  • Cisco Meraki account
  • Cisco Meraki admin privileges