Cardinality + Cisco Spark integration

Seamless host notifications with Cisco Spark

Cardinality makes it simple to notify your employees when visitors sign-in. With the Cardinality + Cisco Spark integration, your employees will receive a private Cisco Spark message every time a visitor arrives to see them. These convenient alerts ensure that visitors spend more time with their hosts and less time waiting in the lobby.

  • red checkSend private messages to employees when their visitors arrive
  • red checkNo need to check multiple apps or platforms—reach employees where they are
  • red checkReceive notifications on desktop and mobile Cisco Spark apps
  • red checkReduce the amount of time you keep visitors waiting


  • Cardinality account, Premium Plan and above
  • Active Directory instance, on-premise or cloud based
  • Active Directory Administrators permissions
  • Basic knowledge of curl scripts