Cardinality + Eventbrite integration

Smooth event sign-in with Eventbrite

The Cardinality + Eventbrite integration allows you to replace your printed RSVP sheets with a modern iPad sign-in system. Cardinality automatically imports all event attendees, making the process quick and simple: guests just tap to sign in, enter their name and Cardinality fills in the rest. They’ll spend less time signing in and more time enjoying the event.

  • red checkAutomatically import attendee information into Cardinality
  • red checkReplace paper RSVP sheets with modern iPad sign-in
  • red checkSpeeds up the sign-in process
  • red checkAt-a-glance access to see who’s arrived and who’s running late


  • Cardinality account, Premium Plan and above
  • Eventbrite account
  • Eventbrite Admin and Event Organizer privileges

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