Implement scalable health services for a range of conditions supports remote patient monitoring at scale, from small projects to delivering digital health nationwide

Reinventing Health & Human Sector

Functionally rich AI-based Welfare Management Platform to efficiently handle large scale government & public health programs

Our Health & Human Services

about-right has developed an innovative AI-based low code platform that seamlessly connects highly specialized health care providers to local demand. Track the patient right from the initial phase throughout the entire delivery of the health service. Over 10% of the population in the US benefit from Cardinality’s AI Platform.

This interactive e-health tool allows patients to monitor the status of their cases and health alerts at the touch of a finger. - integrated health & human service platform, reduce the technology costs involved while improving the service delivery significantly.


Help the consumer

by providing access to high quality, value-driven processes


Reduce overall costs

through active monitoring and auditing of administration


Facilitate efficient HHS

policies that deliver a ground-breaking platform for innovation

Child, Juvenile & Adult Welfare Case Management provides pre-built mobile, cloud apps, and platforms which are meant for mission-critical public service, commercial, enterprise, and non-profit institutions. By streamlining intake and investigation with guided processes - empowers states to deliver child, juvenile & adult welfare system faster and in a modular fashion.

  • AI-enabled Intake Process
  • In-built Eligibility Benefit Management System
  • Leveraging NLU for processing complex queries
  • People-Centric Data Model
  • Data Science Automation for Analytics
  • One-click Reporting for Federal & State agencies

Foster Care Management

about-right’s foster care case management solution improves the state’s interaction with prospective foster parents as they continuously interact and follow-up to become certified foster homes. Secure self-service portal to improve coordination between agency employees and caregivers & optimized placements by providing caseworkers with real-time information about children.

  • Rich set of analytics and dashboards
  • Rigorous Data Audit through our Proprietary Audit tool
  • Seamless Integration with multiple systems
  • Full suite, feature-rich mobile interface
  • The highest degree of compliance
  • Inbuilt Eligibility Benefit Management System

Child Support Enforcement's deep learning child support system has human-centric conversational interfaces, easily configurable modules and No-code platform that guides caseworker actions, self-service functionalities that empower clients, modular solutions that address your specific needs.

Our people-centric data model enables the caseworkers & the population constituent to have a 360-degree view of the case from start to finish through a visually attractive AI-enabled user interface.


Why do you need Cardinality's HHS solution?

Cognitive AI Platform

Artificially Intelligent machines provide a human touch to complex tasks thus helping in reduced costs and delivering faster quality results. Personalization of service delivery is possible in the human service sector through AI platforms.

Inbuilt Eligibility Benefit Management System

Inbuilt Eligibility Benefit Management System” (EBMS) which is a highly configurable system & can be used across the spectrum of Welfare Services. Supports most of the Child Welfare programs like SNAP, TANF, Child Care, CPS, Foster care, Headstart...

Powerful functionality, ready to go instantly

Cardinality’s vision is to be always focused on implementation through out-of-the-box features. It has been tested to perfection so that states can confidently meet the deadlines and cut costs through an intelligent & pre-configured workflow.

Cardinality’s platform provides the flexibility needed to complete and deliver the unique requirements of an agency’s specific environment.