Install Templates

Cardinality.ai has 50+ ready-to-use templates to customize your case management application.

From Health Service Platform to Human Capital Management, find the best one that suits your needs.


Customize Your Form

Create a perfect form using Cardinality’s drag and drop interface.

Inbuilt with 15+ fields, choose your own that you think is relevant. Create pre-populated fields though the builder, add tables & group similar data into sections.


Define Your Process Workflow

Complex Workflows can now be automated with Cardinality.ai AI Platform.

Right from creating and setting deadlines to workflow diagrams, creating conditions, triggers to monitor the steps & modeling your process - Cardinality.ai does it all.


Define Permissions

Set permissions as you work.

You can monitor access given to different roles to ensure accountability. Protecting your form data, giving read-only access, editing the fields, etc can be defined using Cardinality.ai.


Initiate Workflows

Access your workflows from the comfort of your phone or desktop.

A single click can help you handle approvals, input requests etc. You can raise questions or send items back to any step in the workflow.


Monitor Progress

Evaluate the time required to complete and manage the workflow accordingly.

In a matter of seconds, you can check the status of items in the workflow and communication bottlenecks to solve them faster.


Advanced Reports

Advanced reporting features like configuring ad-hoc reports, KPIs, report data export.

Analyzing dynamic data with various teams help Cardinality.ai stand out amidst competition in its niche.