Preparing organizations for the future

Forge a relationship between technology & talent with Cardinality's Human Capital Management.

Build a dominant workforce

Cardinality's AI-based platform manages employment-related cases from complaint receipt through resolving.

Our Human Capital Management Platform


The work culture keeps changing every day. Every company is prone to fluctuations. Innovations like AI, IoT & chatbots keep improving the process involved in workflow management. Cardinality's Human Capital Management Platform (HCM) helps teams coordinate and compete to produce better results.

To leverage technology and transform your organization like never before- does it all. Preparing your organization for the digital economy, Cardinality's HCM platform is super powerful.

Life Cycle

Manage the entire life cycle

of your workforce with AI-based solutions from


Improve performance

with analytics-driven process interventions from

business agility

Increase business agility

with cloud, mobile, social, analytics, the internet of things, and big data

Why do you need Cardinality's HCM solution ?

Intelligent & Powerful Predictions

Cardinality's HCM Cloud was built with an AI-first approach. Smarter & faster decisions keep rolling every second for the betterment of Workforce Management. Our AI can support by suggesting learning trends, recommending project roles and predicting employee risks within teams.

It's super adaptable

Create your organizational charts without any dependencies from the IT team. Changing business practices, needs and requirements demand flexible solutions to achieve business agility.

Increased ROI, Reduced TCO

Easy to own - delivering end-to-end business processes thus helps enhance the overall outcomes. This increases the Return on Investment(ROI) & decreases the Total Cost of (TCO). Right from recruiting, talent management, payroll supervision, tracking employee productivity and time tracking, takes care of all.