Augmenting Human Intelligence to provide better care

  • red checkIn today‚Äôs world, the existing Case management products are too rigid to handle complex problems and custom solutions require too many services and take too long to deploy
  • red checkCaseworkers work hard day after day to solve complex problems and make the world a better place. They need case management systems which makes their lives & everyday job easier and not a chore
  • red checkWe built Cardinality.ai ground up using a different kind of thought process and technology, one which would empower the caseworker using fully interactive AI & machine-assisted case input, optimize workflows and leverage the power of data to ask and answer complex questions without requiring to master programming languages

Providing the Human Touch

  • red checkAI-based second-generation Cardinality's interface provides a human touch to complex tasks thus helping in reduced costs and delivering faster quality results. Personalization of service delivery is possible in the human service sector through AI platforms
  • red checkCardinality brings together a fantastic combination - human-centric approach to any problems readily configured for the technology and rules that any state might need
  • red checkThe model revolves around people and relationships. By putting humans first, Cardinality supports in delivering the best service for citizens and quality and efficient outcomes for government agencies

Human-Centric Technology

  • red checkOur microservices-based modular architecture uses an API first approach. This enables easy collaboration across legacy platforms and different federal and state entities
  • red checkOur people-centric data model enables the caseworkers & the population constituent to have a 360-degree view of the case from start to finish through a visually attractive AI-enabled user interface
  • red checkFull suite mobile app, fully responsive mobile capabilities across iOS and Android allowing the users to be connected on the move. Our 1st in-kind fully offline feature enables access in areas with limited/no connectivity